UX-UI Night – LIVE – March 23, 2020

UX-UI Night – LIVE – March 23, 2020

UX-UI Night – LIVE – March 23, 2020 1080 540 UX Salon

Join us for an evening dedicated for designing amazing experiences. A box set for User Experience and User Interface designers in one special evening Live on Facebook.

UI Talk: Demystifying UI, How to Create Effective Interfaces, Asaf Ovdat
UX Talk: How to Hack Human Behavior, Tom Even

This evening will be in Hebrew language

=== Talk 1: Demystifying UI ===
Often times as designers we find ourselves in conversation with stakeholders regarding the design’s visual language, with each side using opinions, gut feeling and personal taste as valid metrics to evaluate the design, leading to a non-productive process.

This talk will give tools for evaluation of visual interfaces, go over basic concepts and conventions to shortcut our way in the design process, and demonstrate first hand how every visual decision can be based to the users goals and needs, allowing for better team alignment and decision making.

About Asaf Ovdat
Asaf Ovdat is a freelance product designer working with early stage startups on turning complex ideas to simple products. Meeting first hand with non-design people he hears the myths and misconceptions (“make it pretty!”) around interface design on a daily basis.

=== Talk 2: How to Hack Human Behavior ===
Whether you are helping your users establish habits, engage in something new or unknown, onboard, or just want to motivate your users into using into giving your product a try, the Fogg Behavior Model can guide you.

In this talk speaker Tom Even will examine, Psychologist BJ Fogg’s Model for affecting human behavior and how it relates to product design.

About Tom Even
Tom Even is a user experience designer at SimilarWeb. graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, BA in visual communication. Tom explores the connection of behavioral psychology with digital products and how to improve the world around us through design.