UX Salon 2017 Closing Keynote: ‘Form Follows Me’

UX Salon 2017 Closing Keynote: ‘Form Follows Me’

UX Salon 2017 Closing Keynote: ‘Form Follows Me’ 1200 629 UX Salon

We are honored to host Mark Rolston for our final keynote presentation. Mark Rolston, co-founder of argodesign, is a renowned designer with a 25-year career of creating for the world’s largest and most innovative companies. An early pioneer of software user experience, Mark helped forge the disciplines around user interface design and mobile platforms.

His keynote presentation ‘Form Follows Me’ is a must see observation on the future of technology and design.

UX Salon 2017 Closing Keynote: ‘Form Follows Me’

The 20th century challenge was to design a world of useful new machines. Form Followed Function. The rise of consumer culture introduced empathy and user-centric design. Form Followed Emotion.
We are now entering an era of quantification and automation. Every person, place, and thing is being written about, annotated, digitized, and automated. Machines and services are designed to serve our new analog and digital composite selves: the “Meta Me.”

What does the Meta Me mean for the world of product and experience design?

Every brand will use machine intelligence to chase the digital breadcrumbs and understand your increasingly complex meta self. Chat bots will acquire AI to engage your meta self in more human-like ways. AI could also animate parts of your meta self, like your Facebook Messenger profile, to operate semi-autonomously on your behalf. Chat bots could then save you the trouble by talking to your meta self instead, robot-to- robot. In the fertile ground between AI and chat bots, UX design will encompass the arts of language and persuasion, as well as attributes like plasticity, creativity, and empathy.

In this talk Mark will discuss the impacts of ubiquitous computing, invisible interfaces, and machine intelligence on design, daily life, and business. Let’s explore where all this is headed. What happens when Form Follows Me?

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