November 4, 2019 - Tel-Aviv
Lean Service Design Framework
A full-day workshop on creating valuable services in a structured way. With Elam Agam.

Lean Service Design is a canvas based approach to a customer centered and business driven service design. This workshop enables product managers and design leaders apply the framework to their projects so they can create more desired services and grow business.

We will work on a case study and apply the main canvases of the Lean Service Design Framework in order to give you actionable takeaways.

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Who should attend?

The workshop is intended for product managers, innovation managers, design leaders and CX experts who are in positions of driving decisions and leading projects.

It’s meant for those who want to enable their company to get faster from ideas to meaningful experiments.

Time and Date:

Tuesday, November 4, 2019 – Tel-Aviv
09:00 – 17:00

Eretz Israel Museum
2 Haim Levanon St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.

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  • To understand the mechanics of the framework
  • How to use the main canvases
  • To understand the results of each canvas and transfer them to actionable steps
  • To teach the framework to people in your organization
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Elam Agam

As architect and town planner Elam Agam knows what it takes to turn ideas and concepts into tangible and real experiences. Using this skillset he became a UX strategist, facilitator, optimizer and speaker.

Trough his career Elam led UX and CRO teams in large organizations in Switzerland, empowering innovation and design leaders to build meaningful and successful services.

The price below includes light breakfast, snacks throughout the day and a full lunch. 17% VAT will be added on checkout. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Section 1: Getting to the project’s purpose

    • Introduction to Lean Service Design
    • Introduction to the Purpose Canvas
    • Outline a purpose, based on customer needs and business objectives.

    Section 2: Identify opportunities along the customer journey

    • Introduction to the Experience Flow Canvas
    • Understand the customer’s journey, moment of truth and mindset
    • Enrich the journey with results from the Purpose Canvas
    • Identify opportunities for improvement, innovation and optimization

    Section 3: (Re)designing Micro Moments

    • Introduction to the Micro Flow Canvas
    • Using the Clustering Canvas to evaluate your best ideas

    Section 4: Test the most critical assumptions

    • Using the Assumption Canvas to gather assumptions and rate them.
    • Defining concrete experiments and tests to validate your most critical assumptions by using the Experiment Board Canvas
  • Eretz Israel Museum

    2 Haim Levanon St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.
    Alexander Center

    > Google Maps

    There is paid parking (25 NIS) close to the museum.

  • Yes. Delicious catered lunches, snacks, and coffee are served throughout the day. Vegan option available!

    All food is Kosher.

  • Full refund if you cancel before September 4, 2019. We will offer you a 85% refund if you cancel before October 27, 2019 – Tel-Aviv. After that we cannot offer any refund. If you’re unable to attend consider transferring your ticket to a coworker or a friend.

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