The Importance of Offboarding – Joe Macleod / UX on Coffee

The Importance of Offboarding – Joe Macleod / UX on Coffee

The Importance of Offboarding – Joe Macleod / UX on Coffee 640 360 UX Salon

As designers, we recognize that effective onboarding is critical for product success. However, we often fail to consider that every experience must eventually come to an end and we overlook the process a user or customer must go through in order to part ways with a company or service.


Most of us have probably experienced a turbulent closure experience at some point, those times we ask ourselves: “why on earth is it so hard to just cancel or opt out?”

One of our objectives when creating digital services and products should also be to incorporate a “closure experience” that allows customers to end their relationship with the service, just as easily as they started it. A good closure experience brings a satisfactory conclusion to a product or service relationship, with each party feeling satisfied with the completed transaction. It should be a fair and just conclusion, without any ‘hard feelings’. This in turn, will improve our brand image, increase the chances that the user will come back and ultimately create a positive impact on the business.

To learn more about this we invited Joe Macleod to UX Salon 2017.


Joe Macleod has been working on the issue of Closure Experiences for 15 years. Through his work in design, technology and services, he has detected a common pattern of denial at the end of the customer lifecycle. In the last couple of years this interest has led him to establish a research project based on sharing this insight and new approach with people via conferences, articles, teaching, projects and – soon – a book.