UX Salon Halifax

UX Salon Halifax is a gathering of inspired individuals within the tech sphere with hopes to expand the knowledge of UX Design within Halifax’s startup community.

The Salon focuses on educating about the importance of UX Design by hosting events where UX professionals can share their wisdom through conversation and workshops. The group’s goal is to provide space for education, innovation, and networking among designers and companies alike.

Ruby Ho:

Ruby, UXC (she/her) is a user experience designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is passionate about sharing the field of user experience and design research with other disciplines. Her background in industrial design coupled with her experiences in the hospitality industry has taught her the importance of empathy. She has lived in various cities across Canada and the U.S. prior to moving to Halifax and has worked in the finance, e-commerce, and healthcare industries.

Nata Kostenko:

Nata Kostenko (she/her) is a Senior Service Designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She brings international experience across diverse industries, having engaged with both Fortune 500 giants and cutting-edge startups. Currently, Nata works for the Government of Nova Scotia, runs her presentation and training company, and shares her journey on LinkedIn.

UX Salon Halifax is an official Educational Partner of the Interaction Design Foundation, the world’s largest UX Design learning community.

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